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On the Issues


Taxes should be used to fund projects that benefit the public good.

  • We believe housing must be recognized as a basic human right and a necessity for families and individuals to move forward in life. We support housing subsidies based on need relative to the cost of living in their community.
  • We believe any discrimination in housing or lending practices is not only unfair and unfounded, but an attack on a basic human right. As Texans we cannot stand for any discrimination.
  • We support reform in the Texas Workforce Commission to give the unemployed and impoverished not only employment assistance but also the resources to sustain financial health.
  • We support the enforcement of existing antitrust laws and other laws protecting competition. 
  • We endorse the continuation of funding for a strong space program in order to promote and maintain Texas jobs in the aerospace industry.
  • We support state funding for the growth of small businesses.
  • We support a state requirement that borrowers’ rights be fully explained in any lending agreement to discourage uninformed arrangements that target poorer Texans in their times of need, such as sale-leasebacks and other forms of lending.
  • We are strongly opposed to the formation and legality of payday loan institutions, as they prey upon the low-income members of our community with predatory loans that they cannot possibly pay back. Furthermore, we support stronger enforcement of usury laws so as to better regulate our financial institutions and prevent the wealth being stripped from these communities.
  • We support withdrawing from the Rainy Day Fund for events which are not foreseeable or chronic in nature. W
  • We support innovations in property appraisal which make property tax assessment more efficient and less prone to the chronic undervaluation of commercial properties.
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