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On the Issues


The current immigration system is broken and comprehensive immigration reforms are needed.

  • We support humanizing and dignifying immigration laws so that they reunite families and allow immigrants to seek work, a better life for their families, and a commitment to the United States. 
  • We support immigration laws that are not discriminatory, including equal human rights for immigrants and an earned path to citizenship. 
  • We support temporary legal status for undocumented higher education students through direct support of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. 
  • We support the rights of undocumented immigrants to remain united with their families. 
  • We support increasing immigration quotas to bring them more in line with reality. 
  • We support a path to citizenship through service in the United States military and demand the immediate apology and the automatic granting of citizenship to those fellow veterans that have been deported from the United States of America solely based on their legal status of residency. 
  • We support common sense immigration reform that includes provisions for foreign guest workers and an opportunity to bring the 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and into society and immediate overhaul of the immigration system to not only provide a pathway toward citizenship by granting amnesty of the unauthorized entry or stay, but access to government programs and resources.
  • We support the rights of individuals to report crimes without facing criminal retribution for undocumented status. 
  • We support any and all efforts of state and local officials to develop and create programs for immigrants who currently live within their communities to achieve citizenship through local government-sponsored programs that will help them meet the requirements to be a U.S. citizen with complete anonymity. 9.10. We support the de-privatization of immigration detention centers and the eventual eradication of such centers, such that no dehumanizing nor demoralizing institutions exist.
  • We believe in the right of municipalities and states to declare “sanctuary” status without the fear of federal and state reprimands.
  • We oppose human trafficking in all of its forms. 
  • We oppose immigration laws directed at penalizing children.
  • We oppose states and municipalities unconstitutionally enacting their own immigration policies particularly the deputation of officers to behave like federal immigration agents. 
  • We oppose any abuse and exploitation of undocumented workers. 
  • We oppose the hiring exploitation of undocumented immigrants in order to avoid paying market wages and further burdening taxpayers with the cost of health care.
  • We oppose penalizing victims of human trafficking for unwilling participation in prostitution.
  • We oppose the continued use of the obsolete federal E-Verify program, which will offshore jobs, hurt the agricultural industry, and hurt American security.
  • We oppose the construction of President’s Trump’s proposed border wall between Texas and the Mexican border. 
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