Texas Young Democrats endorse DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis’ Recommendations

TYD joins other organizations across the country in endorsing the Council’s recommendations for the Democratic Party Platform.

Texas — The Texas Young Democrats (TYD) announced today that it is endorsing the recommendations the DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis has put forward for inclusion in the Democratic Party platform. Other organizations, including Greenpeace USA, the Sunrise Movement, and a number of caucuses of the Young Democrats of America have also endorsed the recommendations.

View the recommendations: Environmental and Climate Policy Recommendations (PDF)

“Not much unites us these days, but one common enemy we face, our entire planet faces, is the climate crisis,” said Kolby Duhon, TYD’s president. “It touches every intersection of humanity and shields no one from its disastrous effects. The Texas Young Democrats are proud to endorse the vision offered by this plan and look forward to an evermore aggressive vision to fight the greatest battle of our time.” 

The recommendations, which call for sweeping action at all levels of government, are not only bold but, if adopted, would be the most aggressive language regarding the climate crisis the Democratic Party has ever included in its platform. The time to tackle this challenge is now, and our Party must meet the urgency of this moment by leading with science. 

The TYD Executive Committee voted to endorse the recommendations unanimously.

Founded in 1932, Texas Young Democrats (TYD) is the chartered unit of the Young Democrats of America in the Lone Star State and the official youth caucus of the Texas Democratic Party. Focusing on political activism, electing young Democrats, and influencing public policy, TYD is one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation.

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