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Texas Young Democrats join civil rights and community Groups in urging rejection of David Whitley

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Austin, Texas — Today, Texas Young Democrats stand with concerned citizens, marginalized communities, and +20 Texas organizations. We urge Senate Democrats to block David Whitley’s nomination for Secretary of State.Every Senate Democrat has personally affirmed their commitment and dedication to protecting voting rights and protecting vulnerable populations. Now is the time to prove those feelings sincere.

David Whitley has shown disregard for truth, decency, and fairness. His partisan lies about non-citizens voting stoke anti-immigrant fears. Mr. Whitley has now acknowledged the inaccuracy of his report but has yet to publicly apologize to the communities he maligned and endangered. Texans deserve better from a Secretary of State nominee.

Serving by appointment of Governor Abbott, Mr. Whitley is the highest ranking election official in the Lone Star State. Texas Young Democrats believe it is a Secretary’s job to increase access to voting and empower citizens to engage in the democratic process. Mr. Whitley has done neither. In fact, he defined voter suppression as irrelevant. 

The Senate Democratic caucus is diverse in age, race, belief and more. That’s because our party is a big tent and the path to a better Texas will require many shades of blue. But the Texas Democratic Party and its elected officials -- reliant upon increasing youth voter turnout -- must stand up to bigotry and stand up for voting rights.

The Texas Young Democrats stand in alliance with the Texas Civil Rights Project, Workers Defense Action Fund, and other Texas civil rights and community organizations and urge Senate Democrats to affirmatively block the confirmation of David Whitley as the Texas Secretary of State. And we urge Senate Democrats to demand future nominees to commit to the withdrawal of Mr. Whitley’s advisory.



Press Contacts

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Communications Director

(956) 740-7449‬    

J.J. Martinez

Deputy Communications Director (915) 490-1646


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