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Texas Young Democrats on Equality Texas’ endorsement of Republican state representative Sarah Davis

Austin — Yesterday, the Texas Young Democrats were made aware of Texas Equity PAC’s — the political action committee of Equality Texas — endorsement of Sarah Davis, Republican state representative for Texas’ 134th District. 

The Texas Young Democrats, as the largest partisan youth organization in the state, firmly oppose this endorsement. We know that only a Democratic majority in the Texas Legislature can secure the rights of LGBTPQIA Texans and undo years of harm by policies passed by the Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

President Kolby Duhon offered the following statement regarding this endorsement: 

“As the first president of the Texas Young Democrats from the LGBTPQIA Community, a proud pansexual, I could not stay silent while an organition that claims to represent our community endorses someone who has had a direct hand in passing policies that harm Texans of all stripes. As someone who was a part of a mass mobilization against, and arrested while protesting the vile and racist Senate Bill 4, a bill Rep. Davis not only voted for but co-sponsored, I have a moral responsibility to speak out, as do all of us. 
“The fact of the matter is that Democratic control of the Texas House runs through District 134. An endorsement of Rep. Davis is an endorsement of a Republican majority, a majority that will continue its vicious assault on marginalized communities from every corner of our state if they retain control of the legislature.
“If our movement is not intersectional, it is nothing. We call on our friends at Equality Texas to do the right thing and immediately rescind this endorsement.” 

We are committed to supporting Rep. Davis’ Democratic opponent in District 134 come 2020. Only a blue legislature can deliver safety and security for LGBTPQIA people and all marginalized communities in our Great State.

We encourage all of our members to call on Equality Texas to rescind this endorsement at (512) 474-5475 or

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