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Texas Young Democrats respond to shooting in El Paso

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

El Paso — Once again, we come together as a nation to mourn the loss of life at the hands of someone with a gun, this time in El Paso. Our thoughts are with the citizens of El Paso, those who have lost a loved one, and with local and federal responders. We grieve with you.

In this moment, we once again recommit ourselves to ending the epidemic of gun violence in our country. No city should have to go through what El Paso has gone through today, and yet, far too many have.

J.J. Martinez, deputy communications director of the Texas Young Democrats who lives in El Paso, offered the following statement: “It is heartbreaking to see this city go through such pain. It is a pain far too many communities have felt. Together, with the support of each other and others around the state and the nation, El Paso will overcome.”

We call on elected officials across the state, from the governor’s mansion to the city council chamber, to come together to finally work towards passing measures to keep our communities safe from gun violence. This should not happen.



Press Contacts

Jen Ramos

Communications Director (956) 740-7449‬

J.J. Martinez

Deputy Communications Director (915) 490-1646


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