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We're suing the State of Texas

Updated: Jan 9, 2020


We wanted you to be among the first to know. 

As many may be aware, the Republican party in the Texas Legislature further infringed upon voting rights with the passage of HB 1888 last session, the Mobile Voting Ban.

Over the past weeks, the Texas Young Democrats Executive Board has weighed how best to move forward to ensure that our voices were brought forward as stakeholders in the process to challenge this ban. Today we announced that we will be filing suit in coalition with the Texas College Democrats and other parties to overturn this unconstitutional infringement of the voting rights of scores of Texans across this state.

Joining us in this fight will be a 96 year old veteran, former Chair of the Urban Planning Department at the LBJ School of University of Texas, and former City Manager of the City of Austin whose mobile voting location was lost with the passage of HB 1888 and has impacted his ability to vote in this cycle and moving forward.

With your help, we will overturn this unconstitutional ban and restore voting rights to disenfranchised Texans from every corner of our great state.

To stay up to date on the case and learn more, check out our website.

With you in this Fight, 

Kolby Duhon


PS: Can we count on you to make a contribution towards our legal fees? Every little bit helps us fund and support a team of brilliant attorneys working to protect and defend democracy. Donate here.


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