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Texas Young Democrats are on the way to success at the Texas Democratic Party state convention in large part due to these incredibly supportive individuals.

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We're bringing the party to convention!


Get your tickets here before they sell out:

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International Women's Day

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We Are Not Complacent



Today's release of the NY Times interview with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is more than just a head scratcher- it's a heartbreaker, an immobilizer, and downright untrue.

I can't speak much to a loaded question, or the possibility of a cliff notes version of the answer, and I certainly won't disparage our Chairwoman. However, as a young woman in politics, moreover a young mother in politics, I can't just humbly disagree on this one. 

Three summers ago I was glued to a live stream where my personal hero, Wendy Davis, took to the Texas Senate Floor. It was days prior to public hearings being held in the Capitol and thousands of women and men were lined up to speak. I had submitted testimony of my own, spoken for me in that hearing chamber by a good friend, Irma. I watched hashtags form and trend. With all eyes turned toward Texas one of the greatest experiences of my political life was unfolding. When hearings were shut down and thousands cut off from delivering their words to record, it was down to Wendy. Surrounded by young women- in the Capitol of red state, when it seemed like hope was lost- our voices were heard. The “Unruly Mob” also known as the People’s Filibuster. Just one simple example of what young women are capable of.


Photo courtesy 

Since that day, marches have happened. Rallies. Protests. Counter Protests. Young women are raising money for abortion, providing activist and advocate training and educating the masses. From NARAL, to the Lilith Fund, Planned Parenthood and Texas Equal Access- young women are not done fighting- and if you're not sure, ask Sadie Hernandez.

But changes don't happen overnight and movements don't journey in one day. Young women across Texas- across the nation- know that there's more to be done. From fundraising to data to field to campaigns and candidates themselves, I've connected with hundreds of young women who continue to take on the status quo. I can't spell out in words how much these young women have achieved.

I'm proud to lead an organization like Texas Young Democrats- where young women hold majority. And as their leader it's my responsibility to lift the passion of our young people; to create a space where we are involved because we matter. Stop questioning “what have we done?” and instead ask “How can we help you?”.


Celia Morgan

President, Texas Young Democrats 

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You Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Patricia Today

Love From Texas is back.

When a disaster occurs, we watch the news and wish we could help. We CAN help! About every two weeks, a disaster occurs and an organization called ShelterBox delivers lifesaving aid to those affected.

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Call her Abuelita.

Our membership Director, Kolby Duhon, has been pretty busy guy lately, but yesterday he sent us this great message that we had to share with you. Check out what Kolby has been getting up to this weekend:

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The Importance of a United Progressive Movement by Zachary Kolodony

Whatever the case may be the progressive movement divided will never deliver the radical change this country needs. Therefore, progressive brothers and sisters, let us unite in a common movement which fights on all fronts for the progressive cause and which fights for the rights of all.

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It's just heartbreaking.

There are no words to describe the heartbreak and despair caused by the senseless act of violence that took place in Oregon today. We at Texas College Democrats hope for the full recovery of those who were injured, and are keeping the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers. However, we understand that we must go further than simply praying. 

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A Special Hispanic Heritage Month Message

Today, we're celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a special message from state Representative Rafael Anchia!

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Congress Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

photo courtesy of Stand With Planned Parenthood



In a recent post written by this author, it was noted that we as individuals must take action to ensure that progressive and vital organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, remain active and supported. As of today, September 18th, 2015, the United States Congress voted to halt funding for Planned Parenthood.

The previous post offered links for people to contact their representative leaders in Washington. Now is the time to use your voice. The Senate will be voting on the budget for the United States. We must demand that funding for Planned Parenthood be included in that budget!

In 2013, Texas’ very own Senator and now presidential candidate Ted Cruz filibustered in the crucial hours leading up to the budget votes. Because of the inability to debate and compromise and the deadlock created by Mr. Cruz, much of the federal government shut down. Thousands of federal employees were without work for several weeks while Mr. Cruz and others in Washington gladly took their pay. We must not let this happen again!

If we use our voices in unison, we will make our elected leaders listen. Links on this report will include Who Represents Me, so that we can all call our leaders in Washington to demand that they fund Planned Parenthood in this budget. Input your information and your representatives will be generated. Other links included will be to Facebook events across Texas for anyone and everyone to get together to demand that women be treated equally and fairly when dealing with their health.

Holding women’s healthcare hostage is no way to conduct business. Millions of women across America will be impacted if funding is cut. It is up to us to ensure that a few do not harm many.

National Call To Action:

On Sept. 29th Planned Parenthood is turning the world pink! Pink Out Day is a way to tell extremists that we are everywhere and they cannot hold women's health hostage! 

Here's how you can participate on Sept. 29th via Planned Parenthood

5 Ways You Can #PinkOut

  1. Wear pink on September 29th to show your support for women's health and for Planned Parenthood, and make sure your friends know why
  2. Share a #PinkOut selfie to #StandwithPP on social media
  3. Pink Out your Facebook and/or Twitter profile image
  4. Attend a Pink Out Event in your city. 
  5. Can't attend or not near a rally city?RSVP to the Facebook event for updates


Texas Young Democrats are encouraged to use #TYDPinkOut and @TexasYDs so we know that you're participating in the campaign! Send us your photos to be featured across our social media platforms. Here's the local on the ground events we know of so far: 

National Pink Out Day – Austin

National Pink Out Day – San Antonio


Contact your Elected Officials:

Who Represents Me


Matthew DeWaal

Texas Young Democrats

Policy Director



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