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On the Issues


We support efforts to offer complete health coverage to all Texans.

  • The children of Texas deserve proper health care. Texas must expand coverage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which should be allowed to cover all children of families earning up to 200 percent of the poverty level income until they are 19 years old. We must repeal cuts made to SCHIP by the legislature in 2003, which include restrictive asset limits on families that exclude basic necessities, elimination of coverage for hospice and skilled nursing care, a 90 day waiting period, and cuts in local CHIP outreach programs. We endorse public-private partnerships like the Texas Healthy Kids Corporation, which enables working families to purchase health care coverage for their kids at affordable rates. We strongly condemn any effort to downsize these programs, which would result in any needy children losing access to health care.
  • We support a Patients’ Bill of Rights. Every Texan should have the right to choose his or her medical provider. No government or insurance company should deny treatment deemed necessary by the patient and his or her medical provide. All health insurers must be accountable when their actions, or inactions, lead to harm.
  • HIV/AIDS continues to be one of the greatest health threats to our nation. It must continue to be a priority to fund medical research and treatments. Every person with HIV/AIDS has a right to have access to treatment and affordable health care without discrimination. We support the education of all Texans in regards to the transmission risk and treatment options for HIV/AIDS
  • Medicare and Medicaid should be continued and administered effectively so the elderly and poor may have the same level of healthcare that is enjoyed by other citizens. Medicaid in Texas must be fully realized so that the program covers medically needy adults with dependent children
  • We support working toward and promoting standardized health care, and a universal prescription drug programs that reduces the cost of medical care.
  • We support medical research for the major health concerns facing Texans including but not limited to: cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and child immunizations.
  • We support providing access to adequate health care to all people residing or working in Texas regardless of legal status.
  • We support continuation of funding for prenatal care programs to assist expectant parents and families in need.
  • We oppose abstinence-only sex education and sex education programs which exclude information on the effectiveness of contraception and condoms.
  • We believe that abortion should be safe, legal and accessible. We believe that decisions regarding contraception and abortion are private decisions between a woman and her doctor. We oppose any restrictions on a woman’s right to legal abortion procedures. This includes any and all frivolous uses of taxpayer money on procedures that have no medical benefit.
  • We believe that all women should have access to all reproductive options, including education, contraception, and abortion when necessary, regardless of socio-economic status.
  • We believe that all women should have access to RU-486, the morning after pill, and other forms of emergency contraception, without a prescription. We further believe that all contraceptive methods should be included in medical coverage
  • We support a more equitable welfare system that provides adequate aid to needy Texans
  • We support state funding for embryonic stem cell research
  • We support the full expansion in Texas Medicaid under the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • We oppose cuts to Planned Parenthood that are politically motivated and not in the best interest of Texas women.
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