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On the Issues


An honest day's work ought to be rewarded with a livable wage, adequate health insurance, retirement benefits and life insurance.

  • We strongly support closing the many loopholes in our state tax code; these allow the corporations and the rich to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, and creates a structural deficit for our state.
  • We believe all full time employees in the state of Texas should earn a fair wage, one that provides families with an adequate standard of living. The minimum wage should be a livable wage. We support raising the minimum wage.
  • We continue to believe that large companies should be required to provide their employees with reasonable health care options.
  • We support the reform of bankruptcy and other laws to discourage corporations from abandoning their pension plans.
  • We endorse the right of all employees to organize, collect dues and to collectively negotiate freely with their employers. We favor providing equal access to labor unions to the political process as is given to other groups.
  • We believe that companies should be held responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees.
  • We support making child care more affordable for working Texans, and we endorse business tax breaks for companies that put a child care center in their place of business.
  • We favor the removal of the “right to work” statute in Texas.
  • We continue to support the use of tax incentives to encourage employers to offer health insurance benefits to every employee and other beneficiaries, regardless of part time or full time status. We also encourage employers to provide substance abuse counseling to their employees.
  • We support the option of a card-check system, allowing workers to form a union by having over 50% of workers sign an approval form, allowing them to bypass a secret ballot that is able to be influenced by management.
  • We support the passage of ENDA and SB 237.
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