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On the Issues


We believe it is in the best interest of Texas to participate fully as a member of the United States of America.

  • We support an accurate census and the use of statistical sampling to increase the accuracy of the constitutionally required census.
  • We support responsible reforms to preserve the Social Security and Medicare programs upon which so many Americans depend. We oppose any bill that would divert Social Security funds into privately managed investment accounts. 
  • We call for a mandated issuance of individual paper receipts in electronic voting, ensuring accountability for each vote cast, as well as measures to address the uneven distribution of polling locations and resources.
  • We implore the federal government to pressure all nations to uphold basic labor, environmental, and human rights standards in all global trade and investment agreements. We oppose the ratification of any relevant treaty that does not address these concerns. 
  • We oppose legislation that criminalizes the status of undocumented workers and those who support them.
  • We support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a working solution towards our belief that all Americans deserve affordable, accessible, and adequate health care.
  • We urge the Federal government and Texas to address the VA backlog.
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