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Congratulating the next leaders of the Texas College Democrats

Two TYD leaders will serve on the TCD Executive Board.

Texas — The Texas Young Democrats (TYD) would like to congratulate the next leaders of the Texas College Democrats (TCD), recently elected at their State Convention.

In particular, we would like to congratulate President-elect J.J. Martinez and Director-elect Johnny Ruffier.

J.J., our communications director, has served on the TYD Executive Committee as west region director since 2019, and has been part of our Communications Team since 2017. We trust that, with his experience in both TCD and TYD, he will work to strengthen the bond between us and our closest organizational ally.

Johnny is TYD's associate policy director, having been appointed in 2020.

"These young leaders represent the very best our party has to offer. President-elect Martinez has been one of the brightest stars in my time serving in leadership of TYD, constantly going above and beyond to ensure our public facing execution aligns with our core mission and vision," said Kolby Duhon, TYD's president. "I cannot wait to work shoulder to shoulder with this incredible team to create a brighter, bluer Texas."

We would also like to congratulate the other young Texans who were elected alongside J.J. and Johnny, including Vice President-elect Moses Glickman, Director-elect Hector Mendez, Director-elect Bella Armenta, Director-elect Trevon Hardy, Director-elect Peyton McFarlain, and Secretary-elect Christian Ochoa. We look forward to working with them as we all continue fighting for the state we love.

We thank outgoing President Joe Cascino for his leadership, and wish all of the outgoing TCD Executive Board members well in their future endeavors.

Founded in 1932, Texas Young Democrats (TYD) is the chartered unit of the Young Democrats of America in the Lone Star State and the official youth caucus of the Texas Democratic Party. Focusing on political activism, electing young Democrats, and influencing public policy, TYD is one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation.


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