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TYD congratulates CDA President-elect Gabi Harris

Three young Texans will serve on the Executive Board of the College Democrats of America.

Texas — The Texas Young Democrats (TYD) would like to congratulate the next president of the College Democrats of America (CDA), Gabi Harris. Gabi, a former deputy communications director for TYD, most recently served as president of the Texas College Democrats (TCD), helping to strengthen the bond between TYD and its college counterpart. Gabi’s leadership is what CDA needs, and we know that she will usher in a new era for college Democrats across the country. 

From left to right: Gabi Harris, president-elect, Larissa Charles, director-elect, and Brennan Munson, vice chair-elect.

Alongside Gabi, Larissa Charles and Brennan Munson, two other young Texans, will also serve on the Executive Board as director of Membership and vice chair of the National Council respectively. We congratulate them and know that they will each do great things in the position they will now hold. 

"We are ecstatic to see that three Texans will serve the College Democrats of America in leadership — they will meet this moment" said Kolby Duhon, TYD's president. "I wholeheartedly believe in the visionary change-maker that is Gabi Harris. Texas is the biggest battleground state in the nation, and her experience, and Larissa and Brennan's, organizing here will ensure that college and young Democrats across the nation help deliver a landslide victory for Democrats in November."

Gabi, Larissa, and Brennan will make all young and college Texans proud. TYD stands ready to continue working with TCD and CDA to ensure the work of changing our country continues far past November. 

Founded in 1932, Texas Young Democrats (TYD) is the chartered unit of the Young Democrats of America in the Lone Star State and the official youth caucus of the Texas Democratic Party. Focusing on political activism, electing young Democrats, and influencing public policy, TYD is one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation.


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