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Whom we've endorsed statewide. 
Meet Our Candidates

The following candidates listed in this guide are Democratic candidates for the 2018 General Election. Statewide candidates will be on every ballot in the state of Texas but certain races (such as House of Representatives and State Senate) will vary from location to location. Candidates we have endorsed will be designated as “TYD Endorsed”. While TYD is a partisan organization and we support all Democrats up and down the ballot, TYD is also an autonomous organization and we reserve the right to endorse candidates and feature certain candidates for our guide. For more information on your local ballot and specifically who will be on your ballot, please visit,

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Beto O'Rourke

TYD Endorsed Candidate for the U.S. Senate

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Currently: U.S. Congressman, TX-16

What does a U.S. Senator do?

  • Writes and passes legislation at the federal level

  • Approves Presidential appointments

  • Ratifies treaties with other countries

  • Serves as a full time elected representative on behalf of the State of Texas


Beto O’Rourke is running on the following platform:

  • Statewide equity (representing all Texans regardless of party affiliation, racial background, or income status)

  • Government accountability (term limits for all federal elected officials, zero PAC money, and an end to gerrymandering)

  • Investing in Texans (supporting public education, improving the ACA, and expanding veterans resources)

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Beto O'Rourke

Lupe Valdez

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Governor

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Currently: Sheriff, Dallas County


What does the governor do?

  • Makes policy recommendations

  • Appoints the Secretary of State and other    boards/commissions

  • Signs/vetoes bills passed by the Legislature

  • Holds power to call a special Legislative Session

  • Serves as Commander-In-Chief  of the state’s military forces


Lupe Valdez is running on the following platform:

  • Public Education (Believes everyone should have the opportunity to obtain an equitable, quality education)

  • A living wage for all Texans

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Lupe Valdez

Mike Collier

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Lt. Governor

Hometown: Georgetown, Texas

Currently: Accounting Executive, PricewaterhouseCooper

What does the lieutenant governor do?

  • Serves as the presiding leader in the Texas Senate

  • Appoints legislators into committees in the Texas Senate

  • Serves as Chairman of the Legislative Budget Board, vice chairman of the Legislative Audit Committee and the Legislative Education Board, and is also a member of the Legislative Redistricting Board.


Mike Collier is running on the following platform:

  • Increasing funding for public education and investment towards teachers

  • Expanding Medicaid

  • Lowering property taxes and offering relief for all Texans

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Mike Collier

Justin Nelson

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Attorney General

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Currently: Lawyer, Professor at the University of Texas Law School


What does the attorney general do?

  • Serves as the state’s lead attorney in civil litigation and approves public bond issues, including the defense of challenges to state laws and suits against both individual employees of the state and state agencies

  • Issues legal opinions at the request of the Governor

  • Overseeing proceedings to secure child support in the Child Support Division

  • Justin Nelson is running on the following platform:

  • Restoring integrity to the Attorney General’s office (his opponent is one of two indicted statewide elected officials in the country)

  • Protecting Texans with Pre-Existing conditions and DREAMers by withdrawing from frivolous lawsuits that are costing Texas taxpayers

  • Enforcing laws that protect Texans from laws designed to help corporations and hurt average citizens. ​

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Justin Nelson

Joi Chevalier

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Comptroller of Public Accounts

(Last name is pronounced SHUH-Vaw-Lee-AY)

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Currently: Business Owner, "The Cook's Nook"


What does the comptroller of public accounts do?

  • Keeping accounts of state funds

  • Acting as tax administrator and collector for the state of Texas

  • Submits financial reports to the governor and the legislature with statements on the previous fiscal year, outstanding appropriations, and estimates of anticipated revenue


Joi Chevalier is running on the following platform:

  • Tax & Revenue Modernization and Reform (including evaluating modern taxes such as electronic/online sales tax)

  • Improved Cost & Benefit Analysis, to ensure Texans aren’t paying more in taxes than they need to

  • Clarify and Expand uses of the State Rainy Day Fund

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Joi Chevalier

Miguel Suazo

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Land Commissioner

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Currently: Attorney


What does the land commissioner do?

  • Manages and oversees all Texas public lands

  • Sending royalties and money obtained from land sales to the Permanent School Fund to fund Texas Public Education

  • Keeps records and Titles of public lands

  • Oversees the management of the Alamo (since 2011)​

Miguel Suazo is running on the following platform:

  • Proactively preparing for statewide Natural Disasters

  • Ensuring funds from land sales are properly allocated to the Permanent School Fund

  • Effectively and efficiently creating a process to protect the Alamo’s place in Texas history

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Miguel Suazo

Kim Olson Col. ret.

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Commissioner of Agriculture

Hometown: Mineral Wells, Texas

Currently: Farmer & Business Owner, "4K River Ranch"


What does the commissioner of agriculture do?

  • Engages in consumer protection (regulation of fuel pumps, regulation of scales, and certifies organic produce)

  • Protects and assists farmers and those involved in the production of Agriculture

  • Administers the School Lunch program and assistance towards feeding the hungry through the “Texans Feeding Texans” initiative

Kim Olson is running on the following platform:

  • Expanding broadband internet to rural communities to expand access to the global market and provide telemedicine opportunities

  • Working with local communities to provide opportunities for local, fresh produce and healthy meals for Texans

  • Restoring dignity to the office of the Commissioner of Agriculture

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Kim Olson

Roman McAllen

TYD Endorsed Candidate for TX Railroad Commissioner

Hometown: Houston Texas

Currently: Historic Preservation Officer, City of Denton 


What does the railroad commissioner do?

  • Oversees the oil and gas industries

  • Holds regulatory and enforcement responsibilities under federal law including the Surface Coal Mining Control and Reclamation Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Pipeline Safety Acts, Resource Conservation Recovery Act, and Clean Water Act

  • Is one of three commissioners. Each commissioner serves a 6 year term, with elections staggered every two years (and has nothing to do with Railroads!)

Roman McAllen is running on the following platform:

  • Protecting our sources of water from becoming contaminated from fracking and more closely enforcing the Clean Water Act

  • Change the name of the Commission to accurately reflect the duties of the office

  • Campaign finance reform (currently 60% of campaign funds raised by the commissioners is from the industry they’re supposed to regulate)

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Roman McAllen
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